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Rob Wight

Owner, Trainer


Since 2014, I've trained hundreds of people of all types, from absolute beginners to fitness nuts, from teenagers to nonagenarians. I have supervised well over 10,000 workouts, yet each session and every client is unique.

My fitness journey has been unique as well. Like many of my clients, I did not grow up with a passion for fitness. In fact, before the age of 23, I hardly exercised at all.

But after years of neglecting my health, I'd had enough. I wanted to look and feel good. So I started with what little I knew: I ran and swam regularly, cut out junk food, and sure enough I started to shape up a bit. I then tried out a popular exercise video program, and started to gain a little muscle. Encouraged by my results, I finally joined a gym. The experience was nerve-wracking at first, but with each workout, my confidence grew.

By 24, I was a full-on exercise fiend--I couldn't get enough! I was going to the gym almost every day. But after a while I started to reach a plateau. I wasn't seeing the improvements I was in the beginning, no matter how frequently I exercised or how hard I pushed myself.

I eventually stumbled across and began working for a personal training company that utilized a unique but highly effective method of exercise.

The philosophy behind the method was completely counter to everything I had learned about exercise before. Put simply: Workouts should be intense enough to maximally stimulate the body's metabolic response, brief enough to ensure such an intensity (you can't sprint for an entire marathon), infrequent enough to allow for maximum recovery, and should never sacrifice safety.

It made complete sense, and it worked! I quickly started gaining more strength and muscle while working out far less than I had before, just 20 minutes, twice a week!

After seven years working as a manager and head trainer, I left to start my own fitness studio and named it "Smart Exercise."


I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to share what I've learned with my clients, and provide for them what I believe to be the world's most effective (and smartest) exercise method.

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