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Rob Wight

Owner, Trainer


Since 2014, I've dedicated myself to training a wide range of individuals, from timid novices to seasoned fitness enthusiasts, spanning ages from teens to those in their nineties. My experience encompasses supervising over 10,000 unique workouts for an array of unique clients.

My own fitness journey, too, has been unique. Initially, fitness didn't resonate with me. Prior to turning 23, my lifestyle was largely sedentary.


However, a turning point came when I decided to take control of my health. My initial steps were basic: regular running and swimming, coupled with dietary changes. These efforts yielded modest improvements. I then ventured into popular home workout programs, noticing a slight increase in muscle tone. This progress led me to join a gym, a daunting yet ultimately empowering experience.

By 24, I was immersed in the gym culture, but despite my dedication, I hit a frustrating plateau. No matter the intensity or frequency of my workouts, my progress stalled.

This led me to a pivotal discovery: a personal training company advocating a revolutionary exercise methodology known as Slow Motion Strength Training.

This approach upended traditional fitness wisdom, focusing on high-intensity, time-efficient workouts. The key principles of this approach were clear: maximize metabolic stimulation with intense exercise, keep sessions brief to sustain this intensity, allow ample recovery time, and prioritize safety above all.

The results were astonishing. Within a few months, with just 20 minutes of training, twice a week, I gained more strength and muscle than ever before. After seven years as a manager and head trainer, I embarked on a new journey, founding my own fitness studio, "Smart Exercise."

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to impart this groundbreaking method to my clients, confident in offering what I believe to be the world's most effective, safest, and smartest exercise approach.

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