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What to Expect During Your First Visit

In Short: Nothing Complicated

Your first visit to our studio is essentially just a relaxed conversation and 10-20 minutes of simple exercises. It is mostly used as an opportunity for your trainer to learn more about you (so they can best tailor the experience to you), and for you to learn about us. 

You will have an hour-long appointment for your first visit. However, more often than not, these initial sessions usually last only around 45 minutes. But we can move as quickly or slowly as you would like, within the 1 hour timeframe. Future sessions will take approximately 20 minutes to perform, with appointment windows that are 30 minutes long.

Sessions are totally private. You are welcome to bring someone along with you if you wish. Otherwise, you will have the studio to yourself.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Some people sweat during their workouts here, but very many do not (we keep the studio cool). You may wear workout clothes, a suit, or anything in between, although dresses are not recommended.

No pressure. We hate pushy sales-tactics. Our only aim is to exceed your expectations and show you the value of our program. If you find it is not for you, we understand. No hard feelings!

Regardless of what your expectations are, we hope to exceed them. Try a free session with us and see just how life-changing a 20 minute workout can be.

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